Download and watch screen savers with RetailBox on your iPhone or iPad

See how to download and watch new screen savers with the RetailBox app and view and manage your data usage.

Download and stream screen savers

To download and stream screen savers in the RetailBox app, tap Library, or use Search to find a specific screen saver or collection.

Format icons display in Library for screen savers which support 4K HDR. You can also enable Download Indicators in Settings > Data Usage to quickly determine if a screen saver has been downloaded.

When you find something you like:

  1. Tap the screen saver card 

  2. The download will start immediately, the time it takes to complete will depend on your internet connection.

After downloads complete, you can play all downloaded content without downloading them again in the RetailBox app. You can view downloaded content in Settings > Data Usage.


You can't play screensavers outside of RetailBox, but you can setup and use Siri Shortcuts for quick access with Siri. You cannot delete individual screen savers.

Using RetailBox to import screen savers from your device's Camera Roll is not currently supported. You are also not able to screen record, or screenshot screen savers at this time.

See your downloads 

RetailBox limits screen saver downloads to 3GB per month with RetailBox 5.1.2 and later. With RetailBox 5.1.1 and earlier, usage is limited to 500MB per month. Limits reset at 12:00 am Pacific Standard Time on the first day of each month.


To manage your usage, tap Settings > Data Usage. With RetailBox 5.2 and later, you can enable Download Indicators to see which screen savers have already been downloaded.

Once you reach the limit, you won't be able to download new screen savers until the following month, when the limit resets. All previous downloads will remain on your device, as long as you have enough storage.

With RetailBox 5.1.1 and earlier, the content's supporting files, including thumbnails count towards your monthly data limit, and once the limit has been reached, the app will appear grey and will be unusable. This is fixed with RetailBox 5.1.2 and later on the App Store.

Last Updated: June 11, 2020

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