Transitioning from Library Lock for RetailBox enterprise users

About options for enterprise users with Library Lock in RetailBox 5.

About Library Lock

Retail Restricted Mode, first introduced with RetailBox 4.1 in early 2018 is a feature designed to restrict access to RetailBox features when using the RetailBox app in a commercial environment, such as a retail store.


Today, RetailBox is proud to serve several stores around the world, including smaller technology shops which rely on RetailBox for local device management. RetailBox's advanced features continue to evolve with the users we are serving, and as a result, future versions of RetailBox will no longer support Library Lock as we continue to focus and evolve our current screen saver service.

Software Network will always be committed to creating tools which help our retail and enterprise users, and we are making changes to our retail release structure, and we will be sharing more information about what's next at a later date.

Additional Information

Improvements to Library Lock in RetailBox 5.5

RetailBox 5.5 and later include several improvements to Library Lock, including password validation. You can update to RetailBox 5.5 on the App Store.

Contact Software Network

If your store relies on Library Lock, we can make special arrangements. Contact Software Network Support.

When will these changes come into effect?

These changes will be released in a future RetailBox release, however, current versions of RetailBox 5 will continue to support Library Lock.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

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