RetailBox celebrates groundbreaking new November collection with 4K HDR

Groundbreaking New November Collection Includes New Aerials with 4K HDR.

RetailBox, now featuring "Precipice", and "Confluence" is now available with the latest version of RetailBox 5 across iPhone with iOS 13 and iPad with iPadOS 13.1.

London , United Kingdom — Software Network today announced that the breakthrough new November collection is now available with the all-new RetailBox app for iOS, which brings together a diverse selection of curated screen savers across iPhone with iOS 13 and iPad with iPadOS 13.1.

The new catalog will include ten new mesmerising aerials with breakthrough 4K HDR, making these the smartest aerials ever in RetailBox. The RetailBox catalog now exceeds over twenty screen savers since launch on October 1, with more aerials joining RetailBox every month.

Customers can enjoy immersive experiences with 4K HDR on iPhone X and later.

Groundbreaking New Aerials Include:

  • "Luminosity" features impressive waves of light which will totally transform your perspective.

  • In "Confluence", water which effortlessly forms together as the splashes slowly immerse the rocks above.

  • With "Shards", water captivates your senes with depth as it slowly immerses the surroundings

  • "Precipice" explores the culminating cliffs effortlessly surcomming to the vivid waters below.

  • In "Doze", bright night stars illuminate the stark night sky and fluidly transpose across the enchanting night sky, like relaxing thoughts seamlessly receding over their stresses.

  • In "Shoreside", watch the close of a busy day occur by the shoreside. Gorgeous orange colors develop and reflect off the clear body of water surfacing below it.

  • In "Exposure", watch summer come to an epic end with the immersion of a crystalline body of water slowly receding and advancing across the surface of delicate golden sand.

  • In "Aqueous", explore the vivid waters surrounding rocks above as the foamy water surrounds and immerses the rocks.

All new screen savers now support 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) for an immersive viewing experience, and users can rotate their iPhone or iPad into landscape to see even more mesmerising content. Software Network also brought on new experts to professionally colour-correct aerials, introducing Wide Colour on "Precipice" and "Luminosity".


The all-new November collection is now available with the all-new RetailBox app on iOS, available on the App Store. Landscape support requires the latest version of RetailBox from the App Store.

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