RetailBox uses information to help build personalized experiences built around you. This helps you find great things to watch, and helps us make RetailBox even better for you. We don't build a profile around you, and we never share your data with anyone else.

Analytics & Improvements

To provide and improve RetailBox, you can choose to share anonymous analytics and improvement data to us, such as what you've watched, most used app features, and if there are any crashes. Information you share can't be traced back to you personally, and instead uses your unique user ID.

You're in control

You can always opt-out of sending analytics data by turning off Analytics & Improvements in Settings > Privacy, anytime, anywhere.


We never share any Analytics data with third-parties for marketing and advertising. All information is also processed on a secure sever in the United States, or processed on-device.

Learn more

You can read the full privacy policy here and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email our team at 

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