Join the RetailBox Beta Software Program

Install pre-release versions of RetailBox to provide important usability feedback to Software Network, and help improve future releases.

How do I join the program?

With RetailBox 5.3 and later, you can join the RetailBox Preview from the app. You must have purchased RetailBox from the App Store in order to join the beta program.

  • Update to RetailBox 5.3, then install the TestFlight app by Apple on your device, and update to the latest version of iOS.

  • In Settings, tap Join RetailBox Preview, then follow the link to open TestFlight and install the latest beta preview.

  • Testers are regularly cycled out of TestFlight if they do not provide feedback, or engage with the program. Updates ship frequently and you should update as soon as possible.

The beta versions may include unexpected bugs or inconsistencies. If you spot one, take a screenshot, tap Share, then tap Share Beta Feedback. It's helpful for us if you give us as much information as possible, like: steps to reproduce, device conditions like Wi-Fi or LTE, software version, device version, and what the expected behaviour is. If RetailBox crashes or won’t respond, it’s super helpful if you fill out any crash pop-ups you run in to.

We regularly respond to reports from TestFlight and our team ensures to follow-up with as many people as possible. When future betas are released, read the release notes, as outstanding issues may have been corrected.

Thanks for helping us make RetailBox even better.

RetailBox Team

Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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