How to use Library Lock in RetailBox 

If you're using RetailBox in a retail environment, you can disable access to RetailBox features with Touch ID, Face ID, or a password.

Turn on Library Lock

  • Go to RetailBox settings > Library Lock

  • Turn on Library Lock

You might be asked to confirm RetailBox's access to Face ID on a supported device if you choose to unlock with Face ID. Library Lock does not restrict use of your iPhone or iPad, and should not be used as a measure of protecting your iPhone instead of using the Lock screen.

When you next swipe down to access the Library, Touch ID or Face ID will be required. When Touch ID or Face ID is unavailable, you'll need to use your password. If you forgot your password, contact Software Network support.

If you forget your Library Lock password, you have to reinstall the RetailBox app on your device.

  • Face ID requires iPhone X or later or iPad Pro

  • Touch ID is available on iPhone 5s and later and some iPad models

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

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